Two Underrated Locations For Street Photography In Lisbon

Lisbon has an overwhelming number of great places to do street photography. Mouraria  architecture is mind-blowing with all the Moorish-era tiles. Alfama may seem “touristy’ but it is  a popular photography spot for a reason. It has amazing historical architecture, beautiful light, and friendly people.

But Sao Beto and Santos are also two very cool places to visit for some street photography. They are both very low key neighborhoods but you’re going to find something to take pictures of around every corner there

Sao Bento is a small and very quiet neighborhood that would be ideal if you thinking about settling in Lisbon. It is definitely off the beaten tourist path, yet still within close proximity to a lot of interesting places in the city. 

The neighborhood is also considered the political center of Lisbon as it contains the Assembly of the Republic, Portugal’s own parliament.

Santos is one of my favorite places to shoot and hang out. Often criminally overlooked, It is vibrant but mostly a residential neighborhood. This is one of Lisbon’s oldest neighborhoods, with the area’s full name of Santos-O-Velho meaning ‘Santos, the old’

Santos is one of the best-preserved historical parts of Lisbon and also an area that has been known to attract artists, designers, and architects. Maybe because it is home to IADE (Lisbon’s Institute of Visual Arts, Marketing, and Design).

Another thing that I really like about Santos is, cats. Cats everywhere!!

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