Post COVID-19 Photo Diary In Lisbon

COVID-19 transformed Lisbon into a ghost town. But like many other cities around the world, the Portuguese capital is easing its lock down.

On May 24th I  went out for the first time in more than 2 months to take some photos. I felt a little silly but I wore a mask, tried to keep a distance of people, and carried an endless supply of hand sanitizer, of course. As I hit the streets, I see signs of change that could become part of the new normal for a long time.

The first thing I noticed was that very few restaurants and cafes were open and most of the touristic places were totally empty or in some cases, still closed.

No one here
St Antonio’s square is normally packed this time of the year
Santa Luzia view point completely empty
So empty…
Closed view point
The Santa Justa Lift was closed too

Also, face masks everywhere. Masks are compulsory when shopping or using public transport in this post COVID-19 life.

Portugal, which has been less affected by the outbreak than neighbors Spain and Italy, has started easing its lock down on May 4. And From May 18th has allowed restaurants, museums, and many stores to reopen but with preventative measures like; cleaning and disinfection of surfaces, conducting daily health checks, limiting capacity and encouraging employees to wear face masks. 

More empty restaurants
Only one customer here

Portugal depends heavily on tourism, with about 30 million tourists visiting the country every year. The government here has said the country will reopen to international tourism in July. Hopefully, the preventative measures will help limit the spread of COVID-19 in the high tourist season.

2 thoughts on “Post COVID-19 Photo Diary In Lisbon

  1. Vinne Kumala says:

    Same in here… but i really love your pictures.
    first time see, as if you’re photographing only people who wear masks.. but the fact is, as that’s the state all over the world with the new normal

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