My Luminar 4 Experience

I have been watching videos about Luminar 4 since it was released on November 18 of 2019. And I was very tempted to try it. However, I never had time to do it. But last month, while in quarantine, I decided to challenge myself and learn a new skill, and Luminar was the first thing that popped to my mind. So I downloaded the trial version and gave it a try.

And oh boy, I have to say, Skylum has created a fantastic application! Luminar 4 is an innovative editing app that makes creating photo art simple and enjoyable. Luminar 4 has some brilliant AI tricks up its sleeve with one-click improvements and an awesome sky replacement tool. Plus, the user interface is clean, modern, and easy to use.

These Are The Features I Loved Using

The one-click adjustments – This is an intuitive interface, with creative tools powered by Artificial Intelligence. This feature will definitely help you to spend less time in front of the computer editing photos.

The AI Accent and AI sky Enhancer were the only two slides that I used to fix this image and it took me less than 1 minute to do it.

The AI Structure – These slides detect areas in your image that can benefit from detail enhancement. Get a rich background and add drama without masks and without affecting the people in your photos.


Looks – Luminar also provides a variety of built-in styles. You can choose from 60+ Looks for any genre to fulfill your artistic vision.

I applied the AI Landscape Enhancer Look on the Image Below

AI Sky Replacement – This is by far my favorite tool Luminar offers. With that, you can replace the sky to change the mood of your photo instantly. Thanks to the intelligent algorithms of this software, such a challenging task is now automated.

The smart AI Sky Replacement tool precisely detects the sky in your photo and replace boring skies with a collection of custom ones provided in Luminar, or you can upload your own. I highly recommend using your own sky photos and skip the ones they provide. You can download sky photos from your favorite stock photo site.

Final Thoughts

I have been looking for a Lightroom and Photoshop replacement for quite some time now. And  even though I don’t think Luminar 4 is the Lr and Ps killer I was hoping for, it is a great alternative and with a few more improvements, Skylum will become a much-needed competitor to Abode.  

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