Keeping Myself Inspired

I’ve been having a hard time keeping myself inspired recently. I feel like I need to take my photography to another level but it is almost impossible to do it because of the current circumstances. I had some awesome plans for 2020 but we all know what happened.

We are back in lockdown here in Lisbon. This means no more street photography and lots more time indoors for the next month at least. Honestly, I dot think we will be allowed out again until spring. So yeah, fun times!

I’m spending my time watching films, TV shows and writing about them on my weekly Substack newsletter. It sounds like fun but, I’m really missing going out for some street photography. I’m also attending some online workshops and trying to pick up some new skills. 

Anyway, enough of complaining. I have some new photos to share with you. These were taken right before the shelter-in-place announcement. Some are from December 2020 and some from the first half of January 2021. Enjoy!

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