What I love most about living in Lisbon is the relaxed environment that the city offers. Time moves really slow here. And after living so many years in London, this change of pace was exactly what I needed. I also love that the weather here is very pleasant all year round. With relatively mild weather temperature in the winter and with at least 2 more hours of daily sunshine than most European cities. I think that these two factors made me more calm and definitely helped me, as a street photographer, with my creative process.

One of my favorite places to do some street photography in Lisbon is the Alfama neighborhood. I know It’s very popular with tourists, almost a cliche at this point. But, I love wandering aimlessly through the small alleys and narrow pathways with my camera. 

Alfama Streets and Alleyways

Alfama has also some spectacular architecture. A lot of old buildings and many others covered in boldly painted tiles. This area has also some of the prettiest viewpoints in town. 

Santa Luzia Viewpoint
Portas do Sol Viewpoint

The locals are very friendly and I always feel safe and very welcomed when I’m taking photos there.

The Locals are always friendly in Alfama

In my opinion, the best way to explore Alfama is on foot. I really like to get lost in side streets and alleyways. The Neighborhood is full of hidden gems and it will be really hard to find these gems if you riding a tram or a tuck tuck. I also believe that walking through the city’s neighborhoods will help you to enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of Lisbon.

I made a lot of my favorite images in the Alfama streets and I totally recommend a visit. Especially if you are into street photography.

Street photography in Alfama = a lot of fun!

If you liked these photos, and now feel like visiting this neighborhood next time you’re in Lisbon. Just book my Airbnb Experience and I will take you on a tour in the Alfama Streets with me.

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