2006-2010 The Blurred Years

In the Spring of 2006, I Was Living in London and enjoying every angle of life. My friends and I were partying hard. Like, really hard. Like, going clubbing 5 nights of the week and getting completely wasted in every one of those nights, hard. Then I realized that maybe, if I had a digital camera, I would be able to document those crazy nights. Or at least have some laughs on the next day while trying to cure my hangover. Since 2006 was before the iPhone revolution and the camera on my phone was absolutely crap, I opted to buy a Sony Cybershot. The rest is history. 

The next four years were absolute mayhem. I honestly don’t remember everything and I’m actually surprised that I survived the whole experience. I had read the Motley Crue book – The Dirt a few years before and I was convinced that I could party as hard as Tommy Lee and Nikki Sixx partied in the 80s. Well, I was wrong. But hey, at least I tried and I have no regrets. It was fun while it lasted and I have the pictures to prove it. 

Taking these photos was also the main reason I fell in love with photography. I have had photography classes back in university when I was studying advertising. But at the time, digital cameras were not only terribly awful but also crazy expensive. And the whole film photography thing was never appealing to me. So I kinda gave up the possibility of a photography career. But in 2006 digital cameras had become much better and way cheaper. And that opened a whole new set of possibilities for me. I ended up going back to school to study photography and completely changed my career path.

Also, sharing these photos on MySpace back then was too much fun! Every day, on my lunchtime, I would transfer the photos from the memory card to my computer and just burst into laughter. It would be just like the last scene of the first The Hangover movie. 

These photos aren’t great, I know. I was just a chump carrying a point and shoot camera around London clubs. No training and no idea of what I was doing. But I’m happy I had these great times and even happier that I documented them. I’m pretty much sober these days and I can barely manage to have 2 glasses of wine when I’m having a great Italian meal. Let alone getting drunk like I used to. But I will always carry these great memories with me.

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