Keeping Things Simple Yet Passionate


Hey there! My name is Gilby and I’m not really into ‘About Me’ pages. They can be boring and often times way too long. So, I decided to make a ’10 facts about me’ instead of writing a couple of paragraphs. This way you can learn a few things about me in a quick and fun way.

1 – I started taking photos in 2006. At the time,  I just wanted to document me and my friends having fun in London nightclubs.

2 – In 2007, while on vacation in NYC, I realized two things. First, I hated my job at the time (Marketing) and second, I wanted to turn my photography hobby into a career.

3 – I’m very well educated. I hold an M.A. in Digital Media from Kingston University, London. Combined with a BTEC in Photography from Kensington and Chelsea College, London.

4 – I have lived in 6 different countries during my lifetime.

5 – I have been working with travel websites, street-wear brands, and advertise agencies since I moved back to Lisbon in 2015.

6 – My favorites photography genres are Street and Documentary. But I also do a lot of Lifestyle and Environment Portraits.

7 – My photography is more influenced by filmmakers like – Kubrick, Fincher, Villeneuve, Cuarón, and Lynch than it is by other photographers.

8 – Films, TV Shows, and Pop-Culture in general are other passions of mine. And I love to write and talk about them.

9 – I have ADHD and I’m hella mega dyslexic.

10 – I like dogs but I’m definitely a cat person.

Anyway, thank you for taking a few moments to learn about me!